Monday, November 20, 2006

I-90 trail - watch your head!

thank [insert deity here] the i-90 bike trail exists, but it can be a rough two-mile stretch on rainy days, and even on dry days.

problem: heading east on i-90 is going against traffic, meaning each and every large truck will shower you with:

  • rocks/pebbles/dust/whatever from I-90
  • leaves (a cluster pegged me in the ear the other day!)
  • rain
more than once i've had pebbles from the bridge end up on my tongue (never would have guessed i'd ever taste i-90)...

solution: put your head down when the big trucks go by, so your helmet takes the brunt of the blast.

Also watch out for the winds, don't ride too close to the fence or your handlebars might get tangled up, which would probably toss you into the lake!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip.
when biking from west seattle what is the best entrance to the trail?

matt m said...

you can catch it just past the Intl District, where 12th Ave comes to the base of the (old orange bldg on hill) building is.

Subbu Chandrasekaran said...

where does the trail start on the east side?

Subbu Chandrasekaran said...

Where does the trail start on the east side?

matt m said...

Hey Subbu,

The trail starts in Factoria, on the south side of I-90 - or in Bellevue on the north side - you can see it here: