Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Rain Ride

Lately I've been riding slow, on purpose. The idea is to build up "base" for next year, and add intensity when it's closer to the beginning of the 2010 season. (Also to shed a few pounds between now and then)

It's nice since all spring/summer I was trying to focus on sprinting and intervals, basically the stuff that makes you gasp for air and hope your heart isn't going to explode.

So instead of suffering on the bike, right now I'm just tooling around and taking in the scenery. Dusted off the Surly Pacer (with full fenders), it's the perfect tool for wet & windy PNW fall days.

And they say "train heavy, race light" anyway right?

I like when the roads are wet and the skies are dry - with the full fenders my feet stayed nice and toasty. Ahh, fall!

I haven't done any distance-type riding since the 600k back in September, been taking a break from that too. I figure next year will be busy enough will a full race calendar, in addition to attempting to qualify for PBP 2011. Ride on.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to do some easy riding but you are missing out on the cyclocross season. Lots of fun with races each weekend with either MFG or Seattle Cyclocross.

matt m said...

Cross does look like (dirty) fun, but I don't have the space for another bike at this point..

And I don't want to dedicate a whole bike for it - then again, it could make for a nice brevet bike too.. I've got too many machines as it is though.

I should come out and see another cross race though - they sure are fun to watch!

Mars Girl said...

I like the Surly. Not the Ciocc isnt nice... But I've got Surly love on the brain... I got my Surly Cross Check a few months ago and I'm just loving it. The most comfortable bike ever. And it still pushes like a road bike. Rough weather and unpaved trails, here I come!! And touring, too. I seemed to have caused some Surly fever among the people in my bike club; since getting mine, two other people have bought Cross Checks with one other promising to do so after I let him take a spin on mine... I started a trend.

Admittedly, if I had unlimited money and space, I'd probably have a few other bikes for other purposes... People who just ride bikes casually always ask me why I would need more than one bike. Ha!

Anonymous said...

This is my first Cross season and I was totally surprised by the large number of riders and the challenges for each of the courses. The events are organized chaos. Cross is all about bike handling, fitness, and fun. A light mountain or cross bike will work. There is an MFG race this Sunday at Woodland should come.

Steve said...

Ah yes, Surly love... I know all about that. I've been doing a lot of similar leisurely wet rides this fall on my Cross Check. A couple of days ago I rode around lakes Sammamish and Washington and decided to ride the unpaved trail that runs along the east side of lake Sam. The Surly was just as happy on the trail as it is on the pavement.


Mars Girl said...

Ah, Steve... I know the feeling... I'm totally loving my Cross Check for that very same reason. I can take it with me anywhere... and if I feel like going off road, I can... If I want to stay on road, I can... It allows so much choice!!