Friday, September 11, 2009

From 35 Minutes to 35+ Hours, Again

Once again it's time to switch gears a bit and set my goals to things much longer, and much slower, than the local races. A 600km brevet. (that's 372 miles in case you're wondering)

But not just any 600k - this is Jan Heine & Ryan Hamilton's "Mountain Pass 600k" - and the elevation profile says it all: (thanks to Robert for the pic)

The first "bump" there is the climb up to Paradise through the Rainier Natl. Forest, followed by the Windy Ridge climb, White Pass, and finally Chinook Pass. Holy shit.. of course part of this course won't be new to me, as Robert & I DNFd this ride last year partway through.. this year, finish!

It's gonna be great though. The weather looks like it'll be clear and fluctuating between 50-90 degrees.. perfect riding weather! The views will be epic, no doubt. So tonight at 9 PM we roll out, 9 people heading into the darkness. Can't wait.


Robert H said...

It is practically in the bag. I'm not even slightly nervous...

Ian Schmidt said...

Hope you got it done safely & enjoyably... amazing weather for it, eh?