Friday, August 7, 2009

Seward Park Race 8/6/09 - Back In The Mix

It had been too long since I've raced; almost a month in fact since the Derby Days Crit back in July. Sure I've been riding lately, but mostly longer rides like Ramrod & toodling around Lake Washington.

I've been doing some interval stuff, it hasn't been enough to keep me in top racing form. The training I was doing doesn't match the fitness you gain just by hanging in a peloton at 40 km/h. (Cat 1/2's are probably snickering right now, as they cruise at 50 km/h no doubt)

It wasn't like I was starting over fitness-wise, but I could tell towards the end of the race that I usually felt stronger at that point. Or maybe it was just the pull at the front I took with two to go that send me over the top.

Still it was a lot of fun to see the friends I've made at these Seward races, and to "turn the pedals in anger" once again. And unlike my first race, I feel relaxed during the race and even find time to ask how people are doing - making small talk during a race is probably a good sign you're not red lining.


I'm somewhere in there, hiding from the wind. Back in the mix.

Near the end of the race I saw a small group starting to form, with a bunch of familiar faces in it. People that contend for 1st place - well, at least the guy on the yellow bike anyway. So I got in the group, though I don't think we were as far off the front as I thought, and we were eventually swamped on the downhill.

In the black/white jersey, trying to close a little gap.

Final sprint - I'm outside of the pic, breathing heavily and watching the race finish from a distance. The Byrne/Invent rider (blue/orange) won last week, and Mark (in the green Starbucks kit) has won a few himself. I believe the Byrne guy took this one - but now that Mark's on a team he's really gonna be a threat!

More riders trickling in for 10th+ - once I saw I was out of contention for the top 6 (what counts at Seward), I let off the gas and got yelled at by a guy behind me. As he sprinted around me I shouted, "You're going for 10th - maybe you can get 9th!" You can see me in the black/white, feeling like I can barely breath. I really need to quit smoking..

Ended up cruising in for about 15th or so, felt cooked in the final uphill surge. Still, great training for some upcoming races!

Thanks to Beki for taking and posting these shots as always - you can see the whole set here.

Good to see all my race buddies - Jordan, Rob, Mark, Doran - see ya on the road! And like I said after the race, you guys better watch out if I ever quit smoking!

Race Data

Entire workout (225 watts):
Duration: 28:53
Work: 394 kJ
TSS: 47.3 (intensity factor 0.991)
Norm Power: 282
VI: 1.24
Pw:HR: -2.85%
Pa:HR: -1.84%
Distance: 18.572 km
Elevation Gain: 446 m
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 973 227 watts
Heart Rate: 116 192 179 bpm
Cadence: 21 148 94 rpm
Speed: 4.6 86.5 38.4 kph
Crank Torque: 0 180.9 21.2 N-m

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