Friday, June 26, 2009

Come Do 100km With SiR

Ever wanted to give the whole rando thing a try, without having to sign away a whole weekend?

Perhaps you'd like to ride with us, but aren't sure if you "can hang."

Well now's your chance - behold the 100km Populaire being put on by Dr. Codfish, Robert, Chris G., me, and Seattle Rando:

Well I can't take much credit for doing anything in preparation for the ride, Dr. C & Robert have done the lion's share of the work - I'm just tagging along on their coat tails.

Pre-ride registration has ended, but you can still show up tomorrow and get a brevet card and a cue sheet. What's a brevet card? Well that's the funny little piece of paper you carry around and have signed at each "control" - and there will even be a few "info controls" where you have to write down something you see. This is the "paperwork" of randonneuring that some love, some hate.

As for the course, it's a darn good one. SiR elders wouldn't let us make this a "killer hills" route, but being SiR they of course allowed for some good old climbs. Randos love climbing, this is one thing I know. (Well, at least brevet course organizers like them!) There are a few memorable hills for sure - I remember seeing 16% grade on one of them - but hopefully nothing that will turn people away from riding with us.

There will certainly be some grunts of "who created this course?!" but once you crest that hill and look back a great view of the sound, the fury will soon leave your body.

Come out and see what you think of it tomorrow! I won't be riding, just helping out along the course. The weather looks great, so you realy have no excuse not to show up.


Robert H said...

Bring your cameras!

seatownclimber said...

Hey Matt, I uploaded my pics onto Flikr. My account name is seatownclimber. Had fun today man.


Mars Girl said...

I wished I lived in Seattle. I'd give it a try! I LOVE climbing!! I always make routes for my bike club that everyone groans about due to a nasty climb. Hey, anyone can ride on flat ground; it takes determination to climb something! And you are rarely ever disappointed when you get to the top and realize that how far you were able to push yourself! ;)

I miss climbing passes... used to live in Colorado... *sigh* Thank goodness where I live there are some really steep hills, though...