Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NW Local Wins Tour Of California Stage

Huge congrats to North Bend native Tom Peterson, winner of stage two down in Santa Cruz! I hear Lance called the rain & low temps "hell." At least it wasn't a very long day in hell though: 5 hours, 6 minutes to cover 116 miles. Which is, insanely, somewhat slower than the breakaway win from the day before (107 miles in 4 hrs 11 mins).

Most randonneurs can't compete with fast paces like that, but we sure can relate to the "hell" part. In fact, maybe we could teach the pros some tricks for making riding through rain more enjoyable? Let's start with fenders - they even make carbon ones, I hear. Although maybe it's a tactical advantage to be able to direct your roadspray at someone's face. Well if they won't put on the fenders, how about some wool? I wonder if any of them secretly rock wool socks on those cold days.

And to think, Tom D. P. just might be the guy that I tried to race across I-90!


Robert H said...


You are too honest with your story. You were supposed to punch it up a bit. Imagine: "I looked to my left, I could see he was in pain. He was mine. It was then that a local cat darted out in front of me. I managed to bunny hop over it but it blew out my front tire and I hit pavement. The argyle rider took off."

Anonymous said...

Typo, Tom P., not Tom D. Pro is a pro!