Monday, January 19, 2009

Mini Ride Report: Camano Island

On Saturday Robert was nice enough to haul us up to Stanwood for the second installation of this season's "Winter Training Series."

It was a super-foggy day, and one thermometer on the side of I-5 said it was 27F on the way up.. so it was a chilly & foggy start, but all indications were that it was going to at least be dry!

The pack of 30 or so riders rolled out at 9AM, and headed towards the island. The first section is on Highway 532, a busy little stretch, but before we knew it, we were on classic PNW backroads.

All went well, and Robert, Chris, Gus and I held together the whole time (and even tugged some newbs around the island too!). And even if we did turn into the wrong park, and descend the wrong gigantic hill, and the climb back up that same (wrong) hill, it was still a blast!

I neglected to bring a camera, but Robert did (so I stole a few pics from him, you can find the rest of his pics here).

Here's Chris heading into the fog. Sometimes cars would come shooting out of the fog, which was a little unsettling, but everyone stayed in their lanes.

And here I am (on the left), with Chris next to me.

Huge thanks to Robert for driving us up there! Camano Island will never get boring.

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