Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Few Fall Photos

Here are a few photos from a ride to Lynnwood recently:

The Pacer at an old gas station on Aurora: (note the BMW paint on the fork..)

Aurora/99 - not as scary as you might think. The right lane is turn-only (except for bikes & bus), so it's pretty much clear. Makes for a quick, but loud, way up north:

The Burke-Gilman Trail: (I was only on it for a half mile or so, as I actually hate paved trails like that)

The Pacer in Lynnwood, with some nice red leaves:

Perkins/180th Ave in Lake Forest Park - a great little road, even if it's slightly uphill:

While I haven't done a long ride in a while, I'm still trying to keep the riding up. Got a payload of wool from Ibex recently, that should help getting me through the winter! That and the full fenders, those are extra-valuable during the nasty months.

In Other News

On the commute home today, a guy walking with his friends lurched at me as I passed (to make me flinch) on the I-90 trail near 23rd Ave. Luckily I saw it coming, so I wasn't actually scared and didn't wreck.. I yelled "BOO!" and laughed after he did it - that was the only response I could muster.

That definitely spiced up an otherwise normal commute from Redmond today..


Mars Girl said...

Those are great! I'm just a lurker... a cyclist as well, but with about half the miles you have (the most I've ever done in one day is 110 miles).

Anyway, I've been wanting to take action shots as I cycle. What were you using? I've thought about trying to get a small camera that I could mount on my helmet or something...

matt m said...

thanks! i always enjoy sharing photos of the beautiful PNW.

the camera is a hand-held digital: Nikon Coolpix

the hard part is fumbling with it while i'm riding; a helmet or handlebar-mounted cam would be cool too.

Mars Girl said...

I really like the one where you can see your wheel spinning and the road ahead. Great perspective! I, of course, love the fall colors, too! I live in Ohio so I get to see some of that. I got some great pictures of a friend of mine on a ride a few weeks ago.

I was thinking it might be cool to have some video while I ride, too. Which is why I think the helmet cam idea attracts me...

Anonymous said...

I like the "boo" reply.

So any chance you guys will do the Death Ride? It's a heck of a jersey. Joe P