Friday, June 20, 2008

Photos from the 600k!

I actually did snap a few pictures during my recent 600k brevet attempt, and here they are! These might look like they were taken in the 70's but it's just the disposable camera's shitty parts..

Leavenworth, the fake Bavarian town. It'd be a lot cooler if this was a fake Chilean town or something instead:

Moving through Leavenworth, headed east on Highway 2:
Yup, we rode on that non-shoulder! It was only that small for a 1/2 mile or so:
More of the scary construction area - luckily there wasn't a big-rig snarling down on me:

Now on Highway 97, heading south towards the Blewett summit, but on the flat-ish section. Fuckin-a the wind was insane on this part! 

Another view from 97, just getting out of the valley:
Here I stopped and snapped a pic of white rapids - another advantage of cycling, you can see more than from a car!

Now getting into the actual climb - I took a break in the shade:
Obligatory shadow-shot:

It looked even cooler than this - chugging up Blewett Pass:
I think that was Dan's in this shot - I paced with him for a while before he dropped me:

The summit of Blewett - rather, the view from the summit. I swear it looked way better, but you get the idea:
Look closely - there's an unknown rider making their way to the top - congrats!

After the chilly descent from Blewett, this was Highway 97 headed towards Ellensburg & then Yakima - you can't tell here but the winds were crazy:
An old, possibly abandoned, farm along the way:

The last shot my little disposable camera could hold - had I known it was done I would have waited for something more spectacular, but this will have to do for a finale. As you can see it was late in the day, and the sun would set on us leaving Ellensburg. 

Definitely glad I got a few shots of my own from this ride, as there was so much to capture. Others too photos too of course - see here, and here for those.

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