Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Rambles - SiR, Miyata, Yuppie Thief

Well the Miyata is now running as smooth as butta, and I might even take it out on the SiR ride tomorrow: Conway to Bellingham loop. But there's the whole issue of the fact that Conway is about 52 miles from my house! SiR seems to enjoy staring their rides in far away & exotic places, so I guess I better get used to this. So if I'm gonna make it, I'll be busing it up to Everett, and then riding to Conway from there. I'll probably be late to the ride, but hopefully I could catch up.

Last night I took the Miyata on a 'test drive' - specifically, can this bike withstand the stress of a climb up N. Queen Anne Ave? (That's about 6-8 blocks of some of Seattle's steepest) Would the newly-attached chain pop off, or something similary horrible happen? Nope! I made it up, even though the gearing is maybe a bit too steep (38x25 I think) The other half of the test was can I haul this heavy thing all the way up without dying? The answer there was yes, and I made it to Kerry Park without too much suffering.

And the only time I can really feel how heavy the Miyata is is when I have to carry it up the four flights of stairs to get to our apt! Sometimes that's the most tiring part of my commute, just lugging that damn thing around.

And in other news, a local yuppie was stealing nice bikes! Couldn't he have just bought the damn things?!


Ted Diamond said...

Yah, weird story about the bike thefts.

psychenaut said...

I posted about the bike thief on a local mailing list here in SLC as the guy was originally from Utah. Someone replied today mentioning that they saw his name in the obits over on Just comfirmed it.