Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bikers gone wild

In case you haven't heard yet, some cyclists in SF smashed a mini-van's window last Friday after Critical Mass!

I wasn't there, but having seen people get trapped in CM and then bump a cyclist more than once here in Seattle, I know it does happen, and I understand why cyclists get pissed off about it.

If the mini-van driver bumped the cyclist, then I say fuck it, they deserved to have their van smashed. It's hard to be pulled out of the un-reality of the safety/superiority of your car, but they just learned the hard way that cars aren't necessarily always going to win the battle. Might does not make right.

Who knows, if they hadn't met up with CM maybe they would've been in a head-on collision, as oft happens with automobiles. It could have been worse.

Note to drivers out there: if you're stuck in CM, just wait it out, turn off your car for a few minutes!

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Stuckinlimbo said...

So you think a housewife from the burbs with 5 little girls in her mini-van came to SF to "gun" for bicyclists? How ridiculous and your comments only show the incredible lack of compassion, concern and patience with other people who you share the earth with. The bicyclist that was "tapped" told police he wasn't harmed and left the scene. Others interested in vigilante style justice decided to bash in her window, when, just maybe, all she was trying to do was get away from the crowd that now surrounded her car, all the while 5 little girls were screaming in terror.

Yeah, righ nice people, those who ride in Critical Mass!